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Metabo HPT WH18DBFL2QB 18V Impact Driver

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When I first saw the Metabo HPT brand I just figured it was yet another brand-name enter into the fray. I was surprised that this is actually a new name that Hitachi is now marketing under in the United States. (They operate under yet a different name in Europe, but the whole story is too much to get into here.) So my expectations were raised when I figured this out, as Hitachi is generally known for good equipment.

This is a pretty good impact driver. It has a brushless motor that puts out 1522 inch/lbs of torque. Brushless motors are the best way to go generally, but they do cost a bit more.

Ergonomics are generally good, as it has a nice solid feel in hand. One con is that the forward/reverse switch is mounted in a way that makes it a little too easy to hit during operation, which may irritate some people. It does have a single LED light which is good, but on impact drivers I have come to expect two or three lights nowadays.

A nice thing about this tool is that it seems to be a bit quieter in operation than a lot of other impact drivers. I guess quieter is always better, right?

So, overall, I think this a pretty decent tool. Good power, nice feel, good build quality and moderate sound levels. Worth considering.

Click here to check pricing for this tool on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2OzvWuX

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